CONTENT WARNING: violence, gore, death

How do you control something that cannot be tamed?


As magi apprentices, Everis and Wren have led a relatively peaceful life. But when the king dies under suspicious circumstances and Everis foils an assassination attempt on the princess’ life, the pair are sent by their master to investigate the only lead they have. In a city far away ruled by the dead king’s brother, they need to find answers—fast.


As an unlikely group of allies forms around them in the chaos, the apprentices will have to tap into everything they’ve been taught while relying on the likes of assassins, an eccentric shopkeeper, and an otherworldly avian to go up against an enemy unlike any they’ve encountered before.


But nothing about this plot against the royal family is what it seems. There’s blood magic at the root of it, and its seductive pull is something Everis has struggled to resist since he was a child. A struggle which makes things complicated…and dangerous. Wren has always pulled him back from the edge when he’s needed it, but what happens when they need fire to fight fire, and Everis is forced to bring out his darkness and learn to tame the untamable?

"Into the Glittering Dark is a captivating tale of magic, friendship, found family, and an epic love that will not be denied."
— Karen Meeus
"It's a delicious fantasy with magic, betrayal, death and mayhem- and a sweet, patient MM love story that grows from the deepest of roots."
— A.C. Andrews
Author of Bel's War
"The journey, happy at times and crushingly painful at others, is unexpected. York creates an atmosphere of wonder and fear, pleasure and pain, and everlasting and deeply abiding love for these characters."
— Deb Cechak
"Into the Glittering Dark has been a spectacular and immersive novel for me. It is wonderfully written by Kelley York and the entire novel is precise, explained and colorfully descriptive. It’s a rollercoaster ride of: excitement, suspense, tragedy, a budding romance, surrounded with magic and spells."
— Karen Meeus

1 thought on “Into the Glittering Dark”

  1. Best book. The bestest book. I cannot recommend this book enough. The characters? Fantastic. The storyline? Fantastic. The writing? Fantastic. There was no part of this book that I was the least bit unhappy with. (Other than *SPOILER HERE, THE AUTHOR KNOWS WHAT SHE DID*.) Wren and Everis’ story was such a great read and I found myself unable to put the book down. I’m not one who usually likes fantasy books, but this book was just good. Also, I loved Orin a whole lot and he is my baby.

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