An MM gothic romance novella series

CONTENT WARNING: period-accurate homophobia, graphic sexual situations

Lucas Walker has been down on his luck for years. Then he has a run-in with a surgeon named Henry Glass, who presents him with an unusual job opportunity: procuring corpses for Henry’s medical research. Out of work and out of options, and maybe just a little enamored with the shy and gentlemanly Henry, Lucas agrees. But between the perils of bodysnatching and the fear of being outed for his proclivities, Lucas has his hands full. Falling in love with his employer is the last thing he needs.

Daniel Barker’s seizures have made everyday life difficult, and they’re only getting worse. Affording treatment? Not easy when he’s limited in the jobs he can obtain. Body-snatching isn’t his preferred occupation, but with an employer like Henry Glass, he can’t complain. His life is held together by threads, and so the entrance of the charming, extroverted, gorgeous Theseus Blackthorn is the last thing Daniel needs to shake things up…so why can’t he stay away?

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